Apply to Intern for Odo Sound in 2019

This year we will accept 2 highly qualified Interns to help run the 2019 Summer Sessions.

We have a true passion for music


We believe music is a vibrant tool for connection and empowerment. We are devoted to enabling young musicians to explore the deepest parts of music. We love music and dance and see them as inextricably linked. We are here to amplify the sound in the creative musicians that have yet to blossom.


We have a grand vision

We think there is a music education renaissance waiting to happen, but we need a dedicated, talented group of people to make it a reality.

Summer Sessions Intern


  • Get paid to learn music and education from a world-class team

  • Learn to run a profitable music ed business

  • Collaborate with Austin musicians and entrepreneurs

  • Apprentice with Taylor Haun - Spotify, Soundtrap, Odo Sound, IU

  • Stay for free in Austin and explore the rich music scene

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